New Features:

  • #126 - Saskatchewan Child Care Attendance Report
    To enable this new report, go to your Provider tab, tap 'Edit Provider', and check off 'Saskatchewan Child Care Attendance Report' under Enable Additional Reports

The configuration section allows you to enter your Facility Number, and the rate for each age group:


Information in the top portion of the report is filled for you, from your provider information and configuration settings. Each child appears on the report, with the hours, fees, and attendance pre-populated from your records:

You can adjust each day to update the reason for absence, or override the hours if you are missing some attendance records:

Have the parents sign the form on any touch capable device:

And email, print, or save the form as a PDF for your records:

Minor Changes:

  • #26 - Recent items now show at the top of the page
  • #106 - New bookmark icons for mobile devices. Pin our app to your homescreen on Android or Apple iOS devices to get a high resolution icon!
  • #145 - New Client Wizard now allows removing from table
  • #146 - Additional expense category added: Internet
  • #148 - New Client Wizard automatically saves the child or guardian when you click 'Next'
  • #149 - Check in/out kiosk no longer shows icons for health concerns or notes


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