Version 1.12.0 - Feature release

This release is focused on the new method of signing into our system. Over the last several months, we have worked towards integrating Microsoft B2C authentication with our application. B2C allows us to offer high security options such as two-factor authentication, and is a step towards building out cross platform apps.

Major Features

  • #288 B2C login and sign up

Account creation and login are now handled with Microsoft B2C. These pages will show a new address in your browser:B2C.png

  • #314, #301 Wait List Enhancements

The wait list now allows you to send a confirmation email to the entire list. We've also added a search box and order by to help you work with a long wait list!


Minor changes and fixes

  • #296 Staff - Warn when you attempt to add a staff member with the same information as an existing staff member
  • #304 In/Out Board - Add totals to check in/out groups
  • #306 In/Out Board - Automatically hide children that are past the end date specified on the child
  • #289 Invoicing - Only show current clients when selecting from the dropdown
  • #315 Invoices - Default to showing the last six months of invoices
  • #300 Attendance - Bulk attendance defaults to the current year
  • #319 Attendance - Default to showing the last six months of attendance records


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